Does This Change Everything?

Does This Change Everything?

Yesterday saw the 10th anniversary launch of the new iPhone, the one that was going to change everything, the iPhone X.

On the face of it, the iPhone looks the same as it always has. A slim rectangular box made from a mixture of glass and aluminium, with a touch screen and a camera. Okay, the home button has gone and the screen now takes up almost the entire front face. But, all in all, the X still looks and acts very much like any other smart phone. Much of the phones appearance and specifications were leaked before the launch, and so you can see why I struggled to believe that this phone would live up to its promise of being as ‘game changing’ and ‘defining’ as the original iPhone. The original was lightyears ahead of anything we had ever seen. It was a portal to the internet in ways all previous phones had failed, encased in a gorgeous design and with a futuristic touch screen, it was the true fore father of the smartphone.

So, this begs the question, does the iPhone X deserve to be likened to its predecessor? For many, the improved camera with advanced digital enhancing software will be the most standout new feature. For some, it will be the new facial recognition biometric security and for others, it will be wireless charging, that makes it game changing. I, personally, would have to disagree. I find that the ‘game changing’ element is the chipset that allows for an entire neural network to be contained within a single device. The true-depth camera which operates face-ID in real time, and the software which generates intense augmented reality on the super retina screen, makes the X a stand out phone, but not generation-defining.

However, I do think the press launch gave us a glimpse of something generation defining, the new apple watch. A cellular smart watch is by no means a new idea, but coupled with the bountiful new features of the X and I think we have been given a real glimpse into the future. I can see the watch becoming our primary communication device and apple have paved the way for it to become possible.

The device is already completely wireless. You can already charge, sync and connect your watch without the need for a cable. The ear pods released with the iPhone 7 act as the speakers and microphone and the watch acts as the handset. Now imagine the incredible chipset, Siri and facial recognition camera of the X being incorporated into the watch. You would be able to control anything with just your voice or gestures. The only requirements left for an iPhone would be to act as a camera, a screen or for augmented reality.  Excellent prototypes of folding screens are already surfacing and many are very promising. These will take their place as the medium sized, portable screens in our lives narrowing down the need for an iPhone further. As for augmented reality, the only place for that is right in front of our eyes. Smart glasses will come back in a big way, and they will fill the last two requirements we might have for an iPhone. Tiny ultra HD cameras will be integrated into the frames and miniature super-fast chips will provide the processing power needed for flawless augmented reality. These new devices will fulfil our needs and I predict we will have an iPhoneless future.

I think you are going to love it.

Author: Christopher Braithwaite

The founder of TMTalks, Christopher, is based in the United Kingdom and writes for the site in his free time. Particular areas of interest include Space, energy, cyber security and block-chain technology.

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  1. Very interesting thoughts regarding the future of the Apple watch… Looking forward to seeing the future developments. Great article!

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